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Jérémie Legrand

Born in 1979, his mother a painter and his father a cook, his natural curiosity led him to discover his professional vocation at the age of 15. What attracted him was the idea of expressing his creativity by shaping “sound objects” from a material as alive and noble as wood. A visit to a luthier convinced him that there lay his vocation. Although the guitar remains his first love, he developed a growing interest for the instruments of the violin family because of the richness of their history, the culture surrounding them as well as the technicality of their construction. After studying Applied Arts and Cabinet making, he traveled to Newark-on-Trent in England to follow a four-year apprenticeship. Upon graduating in 2002, he entered the Mathijs Heyligers workshop in Cremona, where he devoted himself to the making and restoration of instruments from the string quartet, principally cellos. He moved back to France in 2005 and obtained  in the same year the SEMA departmental prize for crafts and a grant from the Marcel Vatelot Foundation. Since 2010 he has been invited every year to the musical academy of Hourtin to raise awareness about his craft. In 2016 he invited colleagues to come and share a working experience during this festival, thus creating the academy’s symposium which has been taking place during the festival ever since. These exchanges gave birth to conferences and demonstrations and aim to open a discussion with students and teachers in order to increase their knowledge of their instruments.
During the last edition, members of Clac built a violin together over the duration of the festival. A baroque cello made by Tony Echavidre was rewarded by Raphaël Pidoux during the festival Violoncelle en Seine in 2012

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