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Tanguy Fraval

Since an early age, Tanguy Fraval has been very sensitive to music and the arts. Playing the guitar and the oud attracted him to the charms of wood. He studied cabinetmaking for five years to understand the complexities of woodworking. He then went to Newark and Sherwood College, England, to study classical and flamenca guitarmaking and graduated with a Distinction. During those two years, he attended evening classes at the violin making school in order to deepen his understanding of the acoustics of string instruments and of sculpture. Dazzled by the history and the complex outcome of the quartet's instruments, he decided to enroll for three more years at Newark Violin Making School. Tanguy Fraval also had the privilege of enriching his knowledge with  great master luthiers such as: P.Robin and A.Frandsen, as well as F.Chaudière ... He graduated with a merit in June 2004 and continued on his journey to discover the great masters of the XVII-XVIII century. He worked for two years in the studio of S. Krattenmacher in Berlin carrying on major restorations on instruments from this period. Enlightened by passion and enthusiasm for creative expression, he continued his career at T.Meuwissen in Brussels, where he perfected his art. He makes his violins, violas and cellos by hand and individually, which allows him to control and refine each aspect of the  work. Tanguy Fraval likes to participate in the evolution of contemporary violin making. He has a lively exchange with his colleagues at conferences and joint workshops. He takes part in workshops given by renowned international specialists. Also his exchanges with the musicians allow him to confront his work with their expectations.

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