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The CLAC...

The CLAC Collectif de Lutherie et Archèterie Contemporaines aims to contribute to the vibrancy of contemporary instrument making and to promote it.

The CLAC is composed of violin and bow makers sharing a common vision of their art based on a requirement of quality. Within their Gallery of contemporary instruments and bows, in the XIth arrondissement of Paris, they are keen to assist musicians with their sound researches.

At the same time, they develop actions anchoring their profession within musical events contributing to the dynamism of contemporary making.

Our exhibition CLAC&CO is...


A selection of contemporary and international instruments and bows.

Book online a one and a half hour slot to try the instruments and bows in optimum conditions.

On-site support by a member of the CLAC for any question or information.

You are a violinist wishing to try new instruments in optimum conditions?


Meet you at the CLAC for three weeks of rich musical exchanges.

VIOLON MAKERS: Bellinghausen Bärbel - Bertrand Thomas - Bothorel Youenn - Bettler Lison - Bellanger Etienne - Camurat Pascal  - Deroy David - Dewit Valentine - Echavidre Tony - Fraval Tanguy - Lourme Eric - Peyruc Fabien - Prochasson Jean-Louis 

BOW MAKERS: Barreau Samuel - Camurat Pascal - Chastagnol Marie - de Lartigue Clémence - Nehr Jean-Pascal

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